Shankar Nielsen is completing his Diploma in Fine Art at The Art Academy. His background is in Digital Media and Printmaking. In his studio practice he works predominantly with animation and sound.

Shankar is interested in exploring questions about the psychology of self-perception through animation. His animated shorts are composed by assemblage of hand drawn loops, flowing paint, and digital manipulation. In his animations these elements mimic the atrophy of fading memories and the distortion of bias, while the sound track and rhythm of marks dictate the mood of the scene. The artist aims to gain an engaged emotional response to these sequences, and to the materiality and scale of the installation in the space. Using CRT TV’s is a way to invoke a sense of remembering, through the feeling of nostalgia it brings in relation to cartoons, reaching back in time to childhood Saturday mornings spent absorbing. The animations take a form of a response to memory, assembled and distorted like dreams.